APPLE AND CHOKEBERRY JAM from Imagna Valley organic farming, 300gr, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO FOOD DYES, GLUTEN FREE, cane sugar

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Apple and chokeberry jam grown by the Locatelli family in their farmland according to the highest standards of organic farming. A real concentrate of well-being characterized by a fresh and genuine flavour, this jam combines the nutrients of apples with the medicinal and healthy properties of aronia berries, known for its highly antioxidant properties and for the presence of vitamin C, minerals and fibres. Original and healthy gift idea._x000D_n


  • Artisanal jam made with apples and chokeberry grown in our farm in Imagna Valley;
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  • Certified organic farming;
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  • No preservatives, no food dyes, gluten free;
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  • Taste, appearance and composition may vary depending on the crops;
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  • Jar of 300 grams.
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_x000D_nIngredients: Apples and chokeberries (80%), Cane sugar (20%)._x000D_nOrganic apple and chokeberry jam – Tips for use_x000D_n Ideal for the preparation of leavened products and other sweets our apple and chokeberry jam can also be enjoyed plain or spread on a slice of fresh bread.

Weight 600 g