COURGETTE SLICES IN OLIVE OIL, Imagna Valley organic product, 100% Italian courgettes, 200gr, no preservatives, no food dyes, gluten free

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Courgette slices in olive oil from organic farming. The courgettes are cultivated in our Imagna Valley vegetable gardens following organic methods and collected at the right time of ripeness. The glass jar preserves the unmistakable taste and lightness of this vegetable loved by people of all ages, even the youngest. A perfect gift idea._x000D_n


  • The courgettes are cultivated in our farm in Imagna Valley;
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  • Certified organic farming;
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  • No preservatives, no food dyes, gluten free;
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  • Taste, appearance and composition may vary depending on the crops;
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  • Jar of 200 grams.
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_x000D_nIngredients: Courgettes, Extra virgin olive oil, Salt, Oregano, Garlic._x000D_nCourgette slices in olive oil – Tips for use_x000D_n Perfect dressing for toasted bread, pizzas, rice salads, our courgette slices in olive oil can also be enjoyed as an original starter or tasty side dish of meat or fish-based courses.

Weight 500 g