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APPLE JUICE, organic, from Imagna Valley, 100% Italian organic apples, without preservatives, without food dyes, gluten free

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Loved by children of all ages, Il Giardino della Frutta apple juice is handcrafted from different varieties of pure organic apples grown in our apple orchards in the Imagna Valley, in the Bergamo valleys. A perfect gift idea, 100% Made in Italy. This juice is naturally cloudy and retains all nutrients of the fruit, preserving its authentic and genuine flavour._x000D_n_x000D_nThe production process involves four simple steps: washing the apples, shredding and pressing, pasteurization, bottling. The apple juice is ready to be enjoyed!_x000D_n


  • Artisanal apple juice made with apples grown in our farm in Imagna Valley;
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  • Certified organic farming;
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  • No additives nor added sugar, gluten free, it doesn’t contain water;
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  • Taste, appearance and composition may vary depending on the crops;
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  • Available in packs of 33cl and 75cl.
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_x000D_nIngredients: 100% Apples._x000D_nApple juice – Tips for use_x000D_nLight and highly thirst-quenching, our apple juice is the perfect drink at any time of the year! With its fresh and invigorating notes, it is most suitable for breakfasts and summer snacks, or for the preparation of non-alcoholic mulled wine in winter. To be used to season salads and for the preparation of apple pies, pancakes, plum cakes, apple risottos or apple and speck risottos. In its warm version, the juice preserves all its utmost sweetness.

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