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PICKLED CUCUMBERS, Imagna Valley organic product, 100% Italian cucumbers, 314gr, no preservatives, no food dyes, gluten free

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Pickled cucumbers in a practical glass jar. Cucumbers grown in our farmland in Imagna Valley, harvested at the right time of ripeness and processed on site within few hours. Versatile, healthy and crunchy, pleasant to the palate throughout the year 100% made in Italy gift idea._x000D_n


  • The cucumbers are cultivated in our farm in Imagna Valley;
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  • Certified organic farming;
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  • No preservatives, no food dyes, gluten free;
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  • Taste, appearance and composition may vary depending on the crops;
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  • Jar of 314 grams.
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_x000D_nIngredients: Cucumbers, Apple vinegar, Sugar, Salt._x000D_nPickled cucumbers – Tips for use_x000D_nIdeal to enhance taste and freshness of your chicken salad during hot summer days, our pickled cucumbers are a perfect starter and an ideal dressing for toasted bread and delicious homemade hamburgers.

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